Progressive Excellence Youth Organisation

Turning Ideas into Action


The Progressive Excellence Youth Organization (PEYORG) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) founded on 24th May, 2004 in Elmina in the KEEA Municipality. PEYORG initially started as an association with ten members,  undertaking sanitation and health campaigns in the KEEA municipality.
The association gained its recognition with the KEEA Municipality Assembly after satisfying all the necessary documentation and financial requirements on 8th March, 2006 to operate as community based organization (CBO)  and became legally registered with the registrar generals department of Ghana as an non governmental organization.
It is currently having six(6) permanent staff made up of the Executive director/Founder Mr Philip Bosomtwe Amoah, Administrator, Project coordinator, Project Officer , accountant and a secretary. It can also boast of one hundred and fifty (150) volunteers made up of 100 males and 50 females.


PEYORG is encouraging households to use latrines.


Health Screening at Bronyibima community.


PEYORG ICT Training. Ghana Police Service, Elmina. 2010 

Our Philosophy

The organization was formed with the philosophy of self help. It took into consideration the need to contribute individually and collectively to help minimize hunger, poverty, ignorance, disease, and illiteracy in order to improve quality of life. Throughout our years of human existence, the solution to our social and economic problems lies in our hands. We hope through a combination of hard work, dedication, commitment, cooperation, sharing and caring, we can succeed in the achieving these set of goals.

Our Core Values




Contribution to Community Development

Quality of services



Sanitation + Recycling